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QRS Accounting Services Team
QRS Accounting Services was started to help small business owners and individuals with bookkeeping and tax needs, We started because we realized business owners and individuals are struggling with accounting and tax responsibilities. We strive to promote the best customer service in the industry with prices that you can afford. 

Our team's experience includes: 

  • a JD from Cumberland Law School

  • a BA Accounting from BYU

  • and a BA Business Texas AM


We pride ourselves in putting the customer first. 

The firm was founded to help small business owners and entrepreneurs with their taxes and accounting at an affordable cost. 

We have respected partnerships with for added services with CPA's, financial services firms, and insurance firms to further equip today's hardworking entrepreneur. 

License # P02047517

Need more details? Contact us!

We are here for you. Contact us by phone or email.

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